Anti-Spam Policy

SITmobile is committed to complying with laws and ethical regulations related to electronic communication and encourages its customers to do the same.
If you breach this policy, we will suspend or close your account.

Prohibited Content

Please refrain from using Foxtir to send offensive, violent, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory and/or illegal content. Sending the following contents is prohibited:

contents offering illegal products or services;
pornographic and sexually explicit contents;
commercial and marketing contents without the recipient’s consent;
contents that breach CAN-SPAM laws.

Companies offering the following services are not allowed:

escort and sexual companionship services;
pharmaceutical products;
services and products related to betting, clairvoyance, etc.;
credit lines, loans and bank solutions to debt;
work from home, earn money online and information related to the stock market;
nutritional products and vitamin supplements;
any service considered SPAM.

The following activities are prohibited:

Sending Spam. Spam means unrequested, unwanted and anonymous emails, which are typically used for advertising, generally sent in large numbers (including mass mailing), and which harm the recipient in one or several ways.
Including content in your message that you did not create or that may violate someone’s author’s rights.
Sending fraudulent content.
Sharing your password.
Storing images or contents on our server without the intention of using it for campaigns sent from Foxtir.

Any breaches of these sending regulations may lead your account to be blocked temporarily or permanently, without any compensation and without you obtaining a refund.

In the event of abuse by any of our customers in relation to message contents, breach or failure to unsubscribe or, generally speaking, any other breach of their legal obligations, please send a copy of the message and the reason for your complaint to