Who are we?

SITmobile by Soprano Design Group

SITmobile is a mobile communication and software development company focused on Mobile Marketing.
It was founded in 2001 as an initiative by several young entrepreneurs from Barcelona. Today it is a leading supplier in Spain and Latin America, with services operating in more than 100 countries and offices in Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Its innovative tool Foxtir makes it possible to create and fully manage your Mobile Marketing plan, all from the same platform.

SITmobile and Australian group Soprano Design Group comprise the largest group in the world offering corporate messaging services.

The group has offices in Spain, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, Holland, Romania, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

SITmobile is a pioneering company and a benchmark in its sector, having brought solutions to its customers for more than 15 years.