5 steps to create the perfect Kick-Ass Blog Tittle

The perfect post title

Including the right subject line in an email is essential and it’s the same with blog posts.

The title can be as important as the content itself, or even more so. Although it may be difficult to believe, the words you choose for the title of your post will have a big influence on whether or not you achieve your objectives.

We’re living in a time of information surplus. We have access to so much information that we tend to consume it at a glance.

Before deciding whether it’s worth reading an article in detail or not, we take a very brief look at what it’s about. And how do we do that? By reading the title.

This is why you have to think about the title of your post or email as if it were the main entrance to your house. If your entrance is attention grabbing, well maintained and interesting, the possibility of the potential user opening the door to see what’s inside is much greater. If your door is uninspiring, grey and unattractive, the reader’s eyes will turn to the next door along, particularly at a time when there is one door after another.

And now to the matter in hand, here are the 5 things that all good Post Titles should have.



The contents of the article should be expressed in few words. It should be clear and short, but, at the same time, act as a prologue for everything that’s coming next.


The title should stir the reader’s curiosity and intrigue them, so they’ll go on to read the rest of the article.


It should move the reader to action, tell them what they’ll learn by reading the entire post and highlight the benefits it’ll bring them. The reader should see what they’ll be able to do or what they’ll have learned by the time they get to the end.


What’s the use of a good title if no one finds it? The title should contain your SEO keywords. Of course, you shouldn’t put all of them in the title, that’s what the content is for, but you should use at least one of the words you want browsers to find you with. You can use Google Adwords to find out how many searches are run on each word and test different combinations when drafting the same phrase. If you don’t have Google Adwords or don’t normally use it, apply common sense and think how your target would look for the information you want to share with them.


A good title is very often sufficient for your article to be shared on social networks, without the sharer even needing to read the entire post. For example: 10 steps for standing out on Facebook.

Another very common practice is making the title into a question, such as “How can you stand out on Facebook?”

Remember, the title should lead to excellent content. Once you’ve attracted your target’s attention, you have to keep it. There’s no use in bringing a user to your post, if they won’t go on to read any more than the second line. Generate interesting, useful content and you’ll keep your reader’s attention and provide them with a valuable contribution.