Create your EMAIL Marketing campaign

Did you know there are more than 2 billion email users in the world?

With Foxtir, you can design attractive, responsive templates. Send newsletters and mass emails and analyse the results with our powerful statistical tool.

Promotional Campaigns

Take advantage of the power of deals and promotions to generate conversions, sales, recommendations, subscriptions and more.

With Foxtir, you can also segment your Lists and send personalised offers.

Attract new customers and increase your company’s invoicing!


Foster loyalty among your public and periodically send content that may be of interest to it.

The newsletter can become a powerful tool for generating traffic to your website, positioning your brand and increasing your company’s sales.

Information is the key to success!

Invitation Campaigns

Design campaigns to promote your events, prize draws, competitions and webinars…

Have you created a Facebook competition?
Tell everyone! Make sure all your targets find out.

Send out a campaign explaining what it’s about and invite everyone to take part.

Seasonal and Special-Date Campaigns

Take advantage of specific dates to launch your campaigns. Your targets will be more receptive to receiving offers at these times of year:

Christmas, New Year, Sales, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday and other special dates.

Send EMAIL Marketing campaigns with greetings, thanks, promotions, discounts and gifts.


Find out instantly if your message has been received, read and the number of clicks made.

Foxtir automatically compares your lists against the Black List, to avoid sending communications to people who don’t want to receive them.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your EMAIL campaign for the day and time you prefer.

Use the Slow Down campaign option to send your messages when you choose.


Immediate delivery notifications.

Generate complete reports and download them in Excel, Word or PDF.

Compliance anti-spam

SITmobile is committed to complying with laws and ethical regulations related to electronic communication and encourages its customers to do the same.


Delivery of the message to your recipient is guaranteed through delivery reports.

Protected databases.

Technical Support

We have a team of professionals trained to help you with whatever you need.