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Thanks to Foxtir, you can now manage your online marketing communications in one place.
Send mass emails, newsletters, SMS notifications, exclusive discounts and much more.

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The most complete Mobile Marketing solution

Create your Campaign

Create and manage all your online communications from the same web-based platform (EMAIL, SMS and SMART SMS).

Design attractive EMAIL and SMS Marketing campaigns, measure results and increase your sales.

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Design attractive campaigns

Choose from among a large variety of pre-designed templates and customise them to suit you.
Visit our gallery and find inspiration in some examples.

Do you want to use your own HTML templates? Upload and modify your own code online using our HTML editor.

Test A/B

Con el A/B Testing determina cual de tus campañas será la más efectiva.

Elige la cantidad de usuarios a testear, define como elegir el ganador
y automatiza la herramienta para que se envíe solo.

Maximiza el impacto de tus campañas de EMAILy SMS Marketing en
pocos clics.


Mobile Friendly

All our templates have a responsive design, which means they adapt to different devices (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).

What is more, with Foxtir, you can customise our online Mobile Marketing platform as you please.


Social networks

Add the “Like” or “Tweet” button to your Mobile Marketing campaign.

Thanks to Foxtir Social Sharing, your subscribers can share your campaign on Facebook and Twitter with just one click!


Personalised Communication

Get closer to you customers by showing them how special they are to your business.

Personalise your SMS and/or EMAIL messages as you like: name, surname, industry and/or any other field you want to use.


Measure and Analyse your results

With Statistics, you can access a large amount of information and perform a detailed analysis of the results of your SMS and EMAIL Marketing campaigns. Learn how your targets behave!

Compare the performance of your campaigns. Link to Google Analytics. Consult opening percentages, clicks, user locations, devices used, most popular links, bounce backs, unsubscribes, virality on social networks and other measurements.