Lists Requirements

The anti-spam organizations and Internet service providers control the shipping platforms meet anti spam standards to protect users.
If they detect that they are breaking the rules they can slow or stop shipments. For this reason and to protect recipients, we monitor that lists requirements are fulfilled. If a list does not fulfill the rules you will not be able tu use it to send email campaigns.

There are several reasons why we could disable a list.
Here are some of the tasks performed by the platform for reviewing the list:

  • Detection of domains used to create disposable addresses.
  • Syntax Validation of the email addresses. Email addresses are validated according to the IETF standards.
  • Domain and MX records validation.
  • BD Checking of invalid addresses.

If your list has been disabled to send emails review it is a clean and correct list.


Follow our List Compliance:



Make sure your list is build with recipients who have requested to receive your communications. People who haven’t given you permission are more likely to report your campaigns as spam. Spam reports can lead to aggressive spam filtering or blacklisting.

Improperly Collected Lists

If we see that the list has been collected improperly we could ask you:

  • Remove the list
  • Clean the list by deleting the inactive subscribers and removing those who you do not have permission to send to..
  • To upload again the remaining list to verify that it is clean once again.

We recommend that you keep track of your lists permissions, this will help protect you if someone makes a complaint of spam.

Third Party, Purchased, or Rented Lists

We do not allow purchased, Third Party or Rented Lists. These lists often provide low quality directions that cause high rates of bounce or spam trap addresses which can lead to blacklisting.

If you’ve imported a purchased list, we may ask you to delete the entire list or remove the purchased portion of the list.

Third-Party Marketing

Third-party marketing is when you decide to market another product or service to your subscribers, or when you switch company names. This causes confusion because subscribers did not sign up to receive information from another Company.

Make sure that your recipients have signed up to receive information about your products/services, not others.

Improper Import

If you upload a bad list, the wrong list, or if you incorrectly upload the list, we will ask you to delete the list and upload it again to correct the mistake.

No Unsubscribe Link

If your campaign doesn’t include the required unsubscribe link, it is a direct violation of our Terms of Use and the CAN-SPAM Act.

If a subscriber is unable to remove themselves from your list, they may report you as spam, which could lead to an account suspension. We will shut down your account if we do not find an unsubscribe link in your communications.
If you use our predesigned templates, the link is already included. If you use your own template, include the unsubscribe merge tag.

Outside Unsubscribe Process

Is not permitted to use an outside unsubscribe link. You must use the Foxtir unsubscribe tag.

If the content or accounts violate our Terms of Service, we will suspend the account for investigation.