Mobile marketing, everyone’s talking about it!

The smartphone, the man´s best friend

Why is everyone talking about Mobile Marketing?

It isn’t news that the world has gone mobile. But mobile use has skyrocketed in the last year. This is why businesses are changing direction with their marketing strategies and largely focusing them on Mobile Marketing. SMS is the most effective method and it is being used by all types of business. Email, which has been used for years now, was crowned the preferred medium of marketers in 2015.

Mobile Marketing is all advantages and in this article we’ll share the main ones with you.

The 9 advantages of Mobile Marketing


These days, mobiles are almost an extension of our bodies. We carry them with us 24/7. This is what makes them the favourite marketing channel of advertisers. 10 years ago, could you have imagined an advertising space that was available all the time, anywhere and that the user themselves carried with them? Smartphones are the dream showcase for advertising products.


Did you know that the average time it takes for an SMS to be read is 4 minutes? Mobile phones are the most immediate, instant communication channel.


Mobile phones bring you closer to the receiver thanks to message personalisation.

Smartphones are an advertising medium that allows you to talk to someone. You can’t do a television spot or put up a billboard on a public street and address it to Laura, but with her mobile, you can! Inserting a tag with the name, surname or whatever parameter you want, will allow you to send personalised messages. There’s a big difference between “Good morning” and “Good morning Laura”, don’t you think?


Mobile Marketing enables you to send campaigns to specific groups, as a result of database segmentation. You could launch different campaigns based on the characteristics and behaviour of your users, such as age, gender, socio-demographic characteristics, town, interests, etc.

Measurable in real-time

Mobile Marketing activities can be measured in real time and allow the most precise response rate to be identified.  What is more, the information you can obtain through this medium is better than any other.


Since it’s a bidirectional channel, continual interaction is generated between advertiser and receiver, which helps you get to know your user better. You can see whether Laura opened your message, clicked on the link, how many times she visited it and if she shared it on a social network or by email. Laura can also choose whether or not to view your content and decide to stop interacting with you, which makes it possible to communicate with people who want to listen to you.

Social device

If users find your message useful, relevant and attractive, they can resend it to their contacts or share it on social networks, so the impact of the message achieves a ripple effect.

Mass medium

There is a 108.5% mobile phone penetration rate in Spain, which is the European leader in smartphone penetration, with 81% of all mobiles being smartphones. If segmentation is the strength of Mobile Marketing, it should also be remembered that it is the communication medium with the highest penetration rate.

ROI (return on investment)

Email Marketing was ranked by companies as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies ranking the channel as very good or excellent. Mobile Marketing allows you to reach your target public with a very low investment, compared to the results it achieves.