Slow Down a Campaign in Foxtir

schedule campaignWhen you create a new campaign, you will also have the option to schedule the exact time you want it sent out. Foxtir allows you to Slow Down a Campaign.

What does that mean? Slowing down a campaign is like sending it out little by little. This means, if you have a campaign that will generate interaction from your recipients, like, for instance, phoning you, and you don’t want to saturate your switchboard, you can use this option to choose how many messages you want to send out and how frequently.

To Slow Down a Foxtir Campaign, follow these steps.

First, you have to go to Create a Campaign and then fill in the details related to recipients, filters, settings and channel. When you get to the Schedule option, you will have the opportunity to schedule a campaign and to slow it down.

general view campaign

The rest of this article is about slowing down a campaign. If you want to know more about scheduling then click here.

At this point, click on the Slow Down Campaign check-box and a drop-down menu will open up. Select how many messages from your campaign you want sent out and how frequently they should go.

slow down campaign

That’s it! Next, continue configuring your campaign to get it ready to be sent out.