SITmobile has personalised services for large customers

Our traditional services

Further to our Foxtir platform, at SITmobile we also offer all of our traditional services and products. With more than 15 years’ experience in the SMS communication sector, we offer API, SMPP and HTTP integration and solutions for large enterprises and organisations.

Some of our services

SMS Reminders

Remind your customers about medical appointments, picking up products, meetings, pending payments and different information about your company.

Be part of your consumers’ daily life and optimise your communication.

Personalised Coupons

Send discount codes, exclusive invitations, personalised details and any other promotions using an SMS Coupon.

Codes are generated automatically and personalised for each customer.
This way you can choose which customers to send the coupons to and monitor coupons used.

Increase your sales and generate loyalty among your customers with specially tailored campaigns!

Birthdays and Special Dates

Connect with your customers and wish them a happy birthday or wedding anniversary, or acknowledge other important dates.

Fill in the field for the date you want to remember in your contacts database and automatically activate congratulatory messages or reminders, to be sent on specific dates.