Measure and Optimize your campaigns

Generate the most complete reports using our statistical tool.

For every campaign you send, Foxtir generate an advanced report that allows you to analyse and compare performance, achieve a detailed understanding of the behaviour of your recipients and maximise your Mobile Marketing campaigns.

Opens / Clicks

Analyse how many campaigns have been delivered, how many have been opened and how many have received clicks.

Compare by channel

Compare opening and click rates on the different EMAIL and SMS channels in the same campaign.

Discover which channel is more effective depending on the type of communication sent.

Measure your impact on Social Networks

Do you want to know how many times your content has been shared and on which social network?

With our Social Sharing report tool, you can monitor your most viral content on Facebook and Twitter, and how many times the recipient forwards the campaign you sent them by email.

Google Analytics

Do you use Google Analytics?
Activate monitoring in Foxtir and observe the impact of your Mobile Marketing campaigns on traffic to your website.